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Hong Kong eats: Yung Kee

Despite its fame, we never had any intentions of dining at Yung Kee. I know, it’s famous blah blah blah but somehow none of us were terribly keen on the idea of eating there.

Unfortunately, we found ourselves in Central one evening, too tired to go anywhere else for dinner. Since we were in the vicinity, we decided to try our luck at the restaurant to see if we could get a table. We ended up waiting for 20 minutes! Bugger that!

But well, we were starving and our legs were like lead so we decided to stay and wait. Finally, we managed to get a table at about half past eight.

Hmm, what can I say about the food? It’s overhyped. Seriously. We had the so-called famous roast goose and it was…nice. Not great, certainly not as delicious as the one we had in Lei Garden. Everything was good but just lacked that certain wow factor.

The century egg starter was really nice though, especially when eaten with the slices of pickled ginger provided.

Yung Kee Restaurant

Our fish maw soup was a little bland, lacking the omph of a perfect Cantonese boiled soup.

Yung Kee Restaurant

The roast goose was nice but hmm I felt that I needed to dip it into the accompanying sauces for it to be palatable. With the Lei Garden roast platter, I was happily popping the meat into my mouth straight from the plate.

Yung Kee Restaurant

Okay, okay, so if I didn’t have Lei Garden to compare, maybe I would like Yung Kee too. Honestly, the food was good. Just don’t go to a Michelin-starred restaurant early on in your travels – it ruins your palate for everything else!

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong eats: Yung Kee”

  1. I actually quite like the roast goose! Then again, I haven’t eaten at Lei Garden in HKG. I’d make a note to check it out the next time we’re there!


  2. I’m not a fan of roast duck or goose – always find the pieces either too fat or bony – but tried the roast goose rice at Yung Kee at a friend’s urging. It was pretty tasty, but I won’t be going back a second time. We were pre-warnd too that there’s a huge diff in pricing too if you order a plate of goose on its on and if you order the goose on rice in a single dish, so we went for the cheaper option. You sit in the cheaper section downstairs where you have to share tables with other diners. I think if you dine restaurant-style, you sit upstairs. Nice pics in this post! 🙂


  3. Phew, so it’s not my taste buds that are off! I was wondering if it’s just me.

    miss ene – oh yes, you HAVE to check out Lei Garden. We really had a fab meal there.

    Yi Lin – Yeah it was good but not outstanding huh?

    Lady J – loved the century eggs too! 😛


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