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Fidelity & Me

I’m hopelessly loyal.

I don’t like changing hairdressers and I certainly don’t like switching doctors. Case in point: I was with my hairstylist from the time I was 19 till I was 28.

Oh, I had my reasons: I have terrible hair and he is the only one who can work it, he gets my style, we get along very well etc. Never mind that he charges an arm and a leg for my cuts, despite telling me that I get a special discount. Never mind that he is always telling me I ought to perm/straighten/treat my hair, all of which cost another arm and another leg. NEVER MIND that he is always trying to get me to buy amazing hair products that cost the rest of my body but will turn me into a SUPERMODEL WITH SWISHY HAIR.

He’s GOOD! And I liked him! And he trimmed my bangs for FREE! And he told me that I was special and called me “princess” every time I see him. Although, to be honest, I am sure he tells everyone else that too. But never mind, let’s pretend that I am the only one he says that to.

Anyway, I broke up with him two years back. I had enough of his up-selling and I needed a change. And he took it bad, I think he didn’t get why I suddenly stopped calling. He texted me frequently, telling me about the special promotions that his salon was running. But I was unmoved.

Copy and paste this sense of misguided loyalty to my inexplicable dedication to my doctors. After all those months of no results with Dr H, my cousin told me I needed to get a second opinion. But no, I refused, because Dr H is NICE! And I love the nurses! And I feel GUILTY, it’s like I am CHEATING on her!

Hey everyone! Do you smell a whiff of naivete in the air?
I must have been farting naivete all my life.

Press repeat but this time with Dr Y. Mr Thick is insistent that we switch to KKH because of the costs. But I am like the wailing toddler who refuses to pry her grubby fingers away from that toy in the store.

But I LIKE him! He lets me spam him with texts! I’m his favourite patient! And I am used to the clinic! And I like the nurses! And I don’t want someone else – many someone else(s), actually – to look at my cooter! And I have to get used to the ways of the PUBLIC hospital! WAAAAH!

Of course, the doc probably tells all his patients that they are his fave, and he probably lets them spam him too. And the people running the clinic couldn’t care less if we return since they have hundreds of patients going in and out their doors every month anyway.

I was having a moan about this to my friend the Queen of the Prairie and she went all prissy on me. Stop being so SCGS! she chided me. The audacity! Coming from she who is on a cruise in Alaska right now and whose lifelong dream is to be a tai tai focus on her Corporate Communications work. Tsk.

Somebody tell me that I am not the only silly cow here who is hopelessly loyal?