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Outfit: Playing dre$$ up

Haven’t done one of these dressing up posts for a while now and boy, have I lost my touch! How did I manage to concoct those interesting and crazy outfits previously?

Ah, I know. It’s called YOUTH. Obviously am aging and becoming more matronly and staid. Dressing must reflect my mature status.

Anyway, thanks to The Pleasure Monger’s tag, I am up to my narcissistic old tricks again. Put that outfit together for work early this week and all I could think of was, meh. A bit boring, huh? But with the weather being as crazy hot and humid as it is now, all I want to wear are skirts and dresses. No jeans! They cling to my legs when I am walking to the MRT station in the morning and it drives me bonkers.

Maybe I’ll do one more post during the weekend since we have a friend’s wedding luncheon to attend!

Photo is quite dreadful because I took it in the office loo, sorry! Also, am v glad the phone covered my face. The Hair is rebelling against the humidity and threatening to strangle me to death. Gah.

Outfit stats
Top: Uniqlo tee
Skirt: Martina Pink tulle skirt (sale)
Necklace: Diva (sale)
Heeled oxfords: Hue (sale)

4 thoughts on “Outfit: Playing dre$$ up”

  1. Thanks for doing this, sweetie!! I absolute adore your style!! It’s very eclectic and fun and well-put-together! You look like one of those girls I always see on fashion editorials, so chic! Damn, why can everyone carry off something I can’t?! (case in point see Faerieimp’s…). I once bought a tulle skirt and when I put them on, I look like a creampuff with exploded cream. Recently I bought oxfords, and they just made my cankles even uglier. *pouts*


  2. Adorable! I’ve never tried a tulle skirt in recent memory (trying out wedding gowns does not count!) and you make me want to try one now! Loved oogling at your ‘crazy’ outfits post too. I never could carry off the outfits you put together but love admiring that sort of eclecticness on others!

    I finally took photos of myself. Haha. Will post soon as well!


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