The organised chaos


Ugly babies can become Fabulously Gorgeous adults too.

Exhibit A: A very chubby and unattractive Baby yAnn (with big Sista)
8 months old

Exhibit B: A rather cute toddler yAnn (with cousin GH)
Age 2

Exhibit C: Fabulously Gorgeous even in smelly water!
I trashed the dress


Have you seen my Trash the Dress photos taken by the uber fab Altheawesome?

7 thoughts on “Evolution”

  1. The Pleasure Monger: hee thanks! It helped that we had a great photographer friend at the helm.

    Corsage: Yes we bring hope to all ugly babies out there! Look at how ugly I was, tsk. At least I had a full head of hair though, hmm.


  2. Nah.. you ain’t a bit ugly as a baby, we all have out moments I guess… but you look gorgeous now! Oh the last pic would look so good in the Capture the Everyday challenge! 😉


  3. Pleeeease, you were nowhere close to being unattractive as a kid. Have you seen MY pictures? I think my mum was rather horrified. Heh.

    I’ve done up the post! Go see!


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