Little Miss Shopaholic


So I’ve been toying with the idea of chopping off all my hair for the longest time now. But I haven’t got the balls to do it because a) it’s my crowning glory, for goodness’ sake; b) I hate the growing out process and c) I am scared of looking like a boy.

That’s why my hair is currently in this no man’s land, between short and long. Not quite a bob and not quite past my shoulders. In one word: SUCKS.

And then, I discovered InStyle’s Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover site! Let’s ben honest here: it’s a shit site which crashes all the time. But it’s fun, especially since it’s free! And the hairstyles are pretty current. And since I cannot make up my mind on whether the hair has to stay or go, I decided to do a virtual makeover.

Tah dah!

Hairstyles clockwise from top left: Carey Mulligan, Lily Allen, Ciara, Halle Berry

Hmm, methinks I ought to stick with longer hair. And man, what is up with my Jackie Chan nose!

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