The organised chaos


I’m a closet escapist.

Well, now that it’s out in the open, I suppose I can no longer call myself “closet” escapist. I am openly an escapist! I AM AN ESCAPIST!

It’s just that with all that infertility shit going on around here, there are days when I just want to be anywhere but here.

I want to go somewhere where I can start afresh and not have to think about when the next cycle is and how we are going to pay for it and how I am going to fit all those hospital visits with work.

I want to live by myself and not have to think about how I am currently the only viable uterus to spawn potential grandchildren for the husband’s parents.

I want to be far away from their expectations, away from their desire for us to do exactly as they say, away from this feeling of being trapped.

Some days, I think: If I could run away, I would.

Kite flying

7 thoughts on “Runaway”

  1. Big hugs ! Today is a brand new day and it will be better. Remember it’s not always about other people; think about yourself first. Hugs again.


  2. while i can’t totally relate to your situation, i’d have to agree that there were times when I simply want to escape … not just from singapore, but from reality. to live in my own “bubble”. i don’t know if taking a vacation helps, but i’m sure it does to a small extent. To temporarily take ur mind off the stress.


  3. The Pleasure Monger – I’d love to! Will you stow me in your flat? 😛

    M – Thanks. 🙂

    bookjunkie – societal expectations suck. Meh.

    steph – Oh a vacation definitely helps! It’s coming up end of July…just one more month.


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