Two of Us

Married life #17

One night in the bedroom…

Me: (looking at my reflection) Ooh I think my butt is pretty nice.
Him: (obsessing over his iPhone) Mmm.
Me: Don’t you think so?
Him: Yeah. Just get it a little more toned and you’ll be fine.
Me: I need to get my ass toned?!
Him: Yeah.
Me: WTF. Coming from you?!
Him: You said it yourself! You told me you have cellulite.
Me: I said my thighs are cellulite-y.
Him: Oh. Same same.
Me: Same same, my ass!!

You be teh judge.

Krabi 2010, courtesy of the ARSEHOLE.

15 thoughts on “Married life #17”

  1. ur butt is cute, and this is coming from a girl alright! HAHA. i don’t even dare to wear a bikini bottom in public because i get all self-conscious! if u got it, flaunt it and obviously u do babe!


  2. The Pleasure Monger, I have a suggestion. Why don’t your butt and you run away to me and we can have some yummy macarons together! πŸ˜›

    steph: that’s why I wear a swim suit, not a bikini! Or rather, that’s why I post pictures of my in a full suit cos I is shy. I don’t have lah, no boobs hahaha


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