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Capture the Everyday: Celebrating Freedom

I have always enjoyed the Capture the Everyday series on Lady J’s blog and thought I’d jump in as well. It’d be a nice repository of memories and moments. If anything, it may very well force me to take more photos, which is always a good thing!


Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Capture the Everyday is about getting you to capture those everyday moments in your life! Each Thursday, Mel from Adventuroo will issue a simple challenge to capture something that’s a part of your daily life. It’s a quick, easy way to start capturing those little parts of life we sometimes take for granted.


This week’s assignment: Celebrating freedom

I come from a pretty traditional Chinese family, where the Self often comes second to the Family or the Society. It’s rather Confucian in that sense, which is hardly surprising given that I live in Singapore.

When I got married and moved out of my Mom’s flat and into our own, I felt a certain sense of liberation. Oh, it’s not that I didn’t love my Mommy or that living with her was a pain. Having Mommy around definitely had its perks: breakfast was lovingly prepared every morning, dinner was kept warm for me after work, I always had freshly laundered clothes. But moving out made me a more responsible adult and suddenly, I could do things that I couldn’t do in my mama’s house.

Such as cook. Bake. Play music and dance in the living room. Walk around in my underpants. Buy clothes and shoes without sneaking around. Enjoy a glass of wine in solitude. Put up a Christmas tree. Adopt two crazy funny cats.

So yes, everything that I do today which I never did before is a little celebration of the freedom that I got from moving out and growing into my own person.

Our estate, all lit up in the evening
Our first Christmas tree
Had a glass of my favourite Moscato on a sunny Sunday on the balcony