We love Loysel’s Toy

After months of inaction and lazing like pigs on weekends, we finally mustered up the energy to go explore our little red dot of a city and check out new places to hang out at.

This means that we finally got to have a cup of coffee at Loysel’s Toy!

Yes, months after everyone’s raved about it. We are a bit slow. What to do, this is what you get what you are dealing with old farts like us.

Anyway, the verdict is: we love that place! The coffee is excellent and none too pricey, the desserts are yummy, the little cafe is cosy and warm. The only problem is that it is ALWAYS full when we are there on Sunday afternoons. And because it is so COSY! and so WARM!, people tend to chill out there and not leave.

And because the caffeine fix is so brilliantly fragrant and smooth, I don’t think I can ever get myself a cup of Starbucks coffee again. Shudders.

Neither of us brought our cameras – silly cows – and so we shot with the best camera available: our iPhones.

Waiting for our coffee
Flat white at Loysel's Toy
Lemon tart at Loysel's Toy

4 thoughts on “We love Loysel’s Toy”

  1. The coffee sure looks good. A lemon tart would have been my pick too.

    I hope the next time I come here I get the seat, as the last time it was just too packed. I guess that’s what happens with popular places with really good coffee.


  2. I live in Kallang, 5 mins walk from this place. Great food but LIMITED supply of food. Unless you plan to eat at 9.30am, whatever you want to eat will be sold out. The favourite saying here is ‘So sorry, thats sold out’. Scrambled eggs, Chicken sandwhich, Orange juice – sold out. Such a disappointing and frustrating experience. The muffins are to die for (when they’re not sold out…)


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