Bun in oven

No fishy business

It turns out that my pregnant self CANNOT withstand the smell or taste of seafood.

This was made abundantly clear when husband and I had a quick jaunt in Phuket. There we were, sitting at a romantic dinner high up on the cliffs with the sound of crashing waves accompanying our meal…okay, it wasn’t really that romantic but you get the drift. Anyway, we had ordered a seafood platter to share and as my teeth sank into that juicy mussel, my stomach somersaulted and I GAGGED.

Out came that morsel of flesh as I desperately rinsed my mouth with orange juice. And so the tone of the dinner was set. I could barely stand the taste of the calamari and a bit of the sambal swordfish was enough to put me off the dish completely. Even the deep fried lobster meat, which husband proclaimed DELICIOUS and FRESH was lost upon my fussy palate.

And when we were out strolling at the bustling town of Patong later that night, I had to hold my breath every time we walked past the seafood display at the beachside restaurants. Everything smelt putrid to me. Urghs.


Needless to say, I avoided all seafood for the remaining days.

Ah, my incubating tiny human. What the heck have you done with my appetite and CAN I HAVE IT BACK?

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