Bun in oven

Party in my tummy

I…have a tummy.

There’s no nicer way of saying it. I. Have. A. Tummy. My fats are currently spilling out of my favourite Uniqlo skinny jeans.

Yes, yes, I am pregnant, I have this bun in my oven, a tiny human is growing in me blah blah blah.

But I am only 6 weeks along! The bun isn’t supposed to rise (and show) till after the first trimester, no? So why do I have a muffin top? WHY?


Not a day goes by without the contents of my stomach somersaulting. It’s like, woohoo! We be having partay in tummy! And then I have this instantaneous craving to eat something but the tummy gets all pissy after I have taken, oh, 10 bites and starts moaning, no, stop eating NOW. And then there’s this huge amount of gas that’s generated by all that moaning and groaning, and then I burp.

Several times.


Real classy lady, I really am.

At least I don’t scratch my balls when I walk.

1 thought on “Party in my tummy”

  1. Ahhh, so. My recently pregnant friend was also telling me that she was bursting out of her clothes at 6 weeks and asked if it was normal to get a tummy so quickly. It didn’t happen to me, so I had no clue whether it was or not. So now I can tell her that it happens to other people too.

    It’s a cute tummy and for a good reason too 🙂


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