Bun in oven

Banishing the burps

Actually, I’m not quite getting rid of the burps. I just wanted a word that goes with banishing.

It’s NAUSEA that I am banishing.

The so-called morning sickness (ha! more like ALL-DAY sickness) has been plaguing me pretty much since the day we found out we were baking up a bun in the oven. I’ve tried all ways and means to relieve myself from the omnipresent nauseous feeling, from sucking on sweets to chewing on dried mango. These have helped in some way but the stomach still threatens to expel its contents once in a while.

And then husband came up with this brilliant suggestion: acupressure wrist bands.

Apparently his colleague had bought a pair to ward off seasickness and it had worked. The man put two and two together and realised that seasickness = jumpy stomach = morning all-day sickness. Clever, eh?

Off we went to get me a pair of these. Apparently the bands work by exerting pressure on a particular point on your wrist, which somehow curbs nausea. It sounded dodge maximus to me, really, but at this point in time, staring down the possibility of living with this horrible nausea for the next four to six weeks, I was willing to try anything.

And what do you know? They bloody worked!

I haven’t had the urge to regurgitate since I stuck them on my wrists last night.

Now, if only they could help me to do my laundry and dinner too.

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