Bun in oven

Sprouting limbs

As of last Friday, the Tiny Human has limbs.

Can you see the cute little limb buds and what is presumably the nugget’s bottom? How adorable is that! (Assuming that really is the bottom and not, err, a giant penis or something.)

I had a bit of a scare early Monday morning. See, by now I am pretty used to the odd twinge here and there. But I got woken up at about 4am on Monday by cramps that were coming on regularly and it scared me a little. It was a little like period cramps but without the OUCH, MOTHER! factor. I tried to go back to sleep but the cramps were like YO MAMA so by 5am, I decided it was safer if I took my progesterone suppositories.

This is, of course, thanks to Dr Y’s education: progesterone helps to keep the cranky uterus happy. Obviously, that only works if you have progesterone on hand in the first place and happily, I did.

Off I went into the loo to stick the Crinone up my uh-hmm and lo and behold! Blood on the toilet paper!


At 7am, I texted Dr Y, who asked me to go down to the clinic for a quick look-see, just for a peace of mind. And there he/she was, my little nugget swimming around in a pool of amniotic water, all safe and sound. The nugget had grown 2mm since our 8w scan the Friday before and we could see the limb buds more clearly.


And then Dr Y amplified the sound of the heartbeat for this blind mother who absolutely COULD NOT see the barely there flickering of her baby’s heart…and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s nothing but a monotonous WOO WOO WOO WOO (it sounds exactly like this) but it was just super awesome.

So the kiddo’s good and Dr Y managed to locate the source of bleeding. It was probably some old implantation blood and he got me to rest for a couple of days at home. We were all happy and jolly until, err, I showed him the hideous insect bites that I had gotten while on the ferry back from Bintan.

See, we had gone to Bintan for a quick weekend getaway with the friends. Everything was fine and dandy, we even set off fireworks and I got a little tan. But on the way back home, my left leg became food for some arsehole bugs nestling in my seat and started SWELLING.

Anyway, when I showed him my leg, which was swollen, red, itchy and hot to the touch, he was all WHAT DID YOU DO? Turns out that the bites were inflamed and if the swelling didn’t go down soon enough, I would have to take antibiotics to prevent infection.


After tsk tsk-ing at me, he prescribed a mild steroid cream and asked me to apply sparingly. The good news is, the swelling went down. The bad news is, the itch is just a bitch.

The baby’s fine, I’m still sick with nausea and need many three-hour naps in the day. Ah, the usual.

3 thoughts on “Sprouting limbs”

  1. Haha, yeah, growing extra limbs inside you is a rather freaky thought no? But also such a wonderful thing. Now that you know the baby’s going to be Ah Boy, didn’t you find it disturbing to think about the PENIS growing inside your uterus?! I entertained the thought for awhile, until we found out that we were having a girl… and so was disturbed no more.


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