Bun in oven, Letters to

Bao bao?

Dear Tiny Human,

Your father thinks he is a very funny man.

You see, I started calling you the nugget, mostly because of Battlestar Galactica. In the show, they call all newbie pilots “nuggets” and that kind of stuck. Very geek, I know.

Anyway, he was initially very uncomfortable with that moniker, he said, because nuggets are things that he eats. But I reminded him that throughout pregnancy, babies are compared to foods anyway (jellybean, peanut, grape, avocado etc) so nugget is perfectly alright.

And then today, we had this conversation over MSN.

Me: Yeah I’m just really tired today.
Him: Baby’s eating up your energy. Nugget=>siao bao
Me: Nugget = bao?!
Him: Grow bigger mah…nugget to a siao bao…then become a da bao!!

[crickets chirping]