Bun in oven


That’s what you call being ruled by a tiny human who IS NOT EVEN BORN YET AND PROBABLY THE SIZE OF A GRAPE.

So far, based on my occasionally queer behaviour, we know that

a) Baby likes spicy food.
I have been slurping up curries and tom yums like there is no tomorrow. Clearly, this trait is from my side of the family tree.

b) Baby is a chicken rice fiend.
That’s good. A Hainanese through and through. Mommy approves. So does Dad, for obvious reasons (Mommy craves, Dad gets to eat. WIN-WIN.)

c) Plain water is a no-no.
Baby is quite the chi-chi tyke, it only goes for lemon flavoured water, chocolate milk and orange juice. Or sweet, soft drinks.

d) Baby likes to sleep during the day but refuses to do so at night.
I want to sleep during the day but sleep poorly at night. Consequently, I feel like a bus has run over me EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

e) Baby is a junk food junkie.
I’ve never loved chips and ice-cream more in my life. I blame this on the father’s side of the chromosomes.

f) Baby dislikes caffeine
I threw up after imbibing my favourite teh-si (aww!) and after downing a latte at The Plain, my stomach was clearly churning and in a shitty mood. V SAD! How can my offspring not like tea?

Little bugger.

The good news is, I will get to see the nugget in another week! By then, we’ll be 12 weeks along and hopefully, this perpetual seasickness and the Z-monster will leave me alone.

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