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The mommy option

Ever since that basketball hit my face squarely during PE in secondary one, I swore to myself that I will NOT be doing any more team sports because my eyes and hands don’t coordinate (unless it is to grab that last piece of clothing on sale ). I used to run but then I did the idiotic thing of running 10km races WITHOUT TRAINING and oops, the ol’ body didn’t like it very much. With my biomechanical problems (my right leg is an inch longer than my left), all these injuries were bound to happen anyway. Physiotherapy helped to a certain extent but I wasn’t consistent with my exercises and the muscle pulls and aches only went away when I stopped all my BodyPump and BodyCombat classes.

I’m not really an active or sporty person, as you can see.

Before the nugget was cooked up, I used to head for pilates and yoga sessions three times a week, as well as the occasional swim. It helped that the club was near my office and I could pop in during lunch. I loved my strengthening and stretching hours, I always left the room feeling refreshed and nicely pretzel-ed. And when I found out that I was incubating the Tiny Human, I swore to myself that I WOULD KEEP UP MY ROUTINE.

Hee hee ho ho. SO DID NOT HAPPEN.

For starters, I was quite attached to my sofa and bed during my first trimester. Warrior one? Triangle? Backbend? I’d rather do the shavasana pose IN MY BED, thank you very much. Any free time that I had was spent snoozing, I was EXHAUSTED.

The few times that I DID hit the gym, I ended up feeling nauseous from all those twists and crunches. Instead of feeling zen after the class, I looked green and sickly.

But now that I have sufficiently regained my energy – or most of it, anyway – and I no longer walk around with perpetual seasickness, I finally gave my heart a nice workout. This week was a brisk but comfortable walk on 4% incline for 30 miuntes, some light stretching and core work, and a BodyBalance session complete with mommy options.

Initially, I had plans to sign up for prenatal yoga classes but I felt so comfortable during the balance class that I decided to stick with my gym membership. Husband and I are thinking of hitting the trails for a hike here and there too.

Admittedly, part of this exercise regime is to ensure that the fitness (and dare I say it, BODEH) that I had built up pre-pregnancy does not vanish into thin air. I mean, it took me time, effort and sweat (oh yeah, GALLONS of it) to get to where I am today. But more importantly, I am doing it because it makes me feel happy. I love the sng feeling in my legs and arms the day after a good workout, and I feel healthier and chirpier.

Happy mommy = happy baby so I’m going to try to keep at it as much as I can.

8 thoughts on “The mommy option”

  1. Good that you’re keeping active, babe. Gonna need all that stamina and lung power to breathe and push the little bub out next March! I didn’t think prenatal yoga was fantastically useful for keeping fit and active – it was good for relieving pregnancy aches and relaxation, but doesn’t come close to making you break out in a sweat. Could be just the studio I joined though, so ask around for recommendations if you’re interested, especially during the last trimester when it gets hard to do anything besides walk and swim.


  2. Hello! Just leaving a note on keeping active. Am 7+ months along and still heading to the gym. 🙂 As long as you’ve been working out prior to the pregnancy, do keep to whatever that you are doing. Just keep your heart rate in check (able to carry out conversation during exercise) and keep cool (drink water every 10-15mins).

    Was running until 5 mths, now working out on the elliptical machine. Abs work (crunches and planks) stopped at 6 mths but it all depends on how you feel. Best if you cut back on it totally as the months progress. Spinning is fine if you can adjust the bike to fit your growing belly. Still Bodypumping!! 🙂

    It’s all about the heart rate and core body temperature. You’ll do great!!


  3. I hate ball games too. Know why? I got hit, I could never catch them, and eventually no one passed them to me. I was avoided like a plague. Boohoo!

    Anyways, whatever makes you feel good, honey! I think it’s admirable that you’re still keeping to your regime even when you feel exhausted. Here’s to happy happy mummy Yann!!


  4. The Pleasure Monger – I know, me too! I’m hopeless at ball games gah.

    Michelle – thanks for sharing, I was thinking of continuing my RPM classes too. Good on you for being so active still! 🙂

    Yi Lin – that’s a good idea, maybe I will save the prenatal classes for the final lap. Thanks!


  5. No probs. Good to share nuggets of info! For RPM, I stopped at about 6 mths. Would have continued but I couldn’t adjust the bike setup to fit the growing belly, so I stopped. Heard the new release is great! 😉 I had the instructor looking out for me the whole time and she was great in reminding me to keep cool by drinking tons of water after each track. Take it easy, but give it your best during tracks 3, 5 and 7. Have fun!


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