Two of Us

Married life #20

Over MSN one day at work…

Me: Hey, have a look at this baby led weaning article. When the nugget is old enough, we can consider skipping this whole puree thing and go straight to the real thing.

Him: (after a pause) KFC!!!!

Me: Why am I not surprised you’d say that?

Him: Shredded chicken is healthy.

Me: Yeah. Right.

Him: Oh no. Baby can have mashed potato and coleslaw. Daddy will have the chicken.

Me: Mommy will not allow anyone to step into KFC.

Him: Mommy will need a girls’ night out. Daddy will take care of Baby. Baby needs to eat. Daddy will go to KFC.

He’s getting smarter, this husband of mine. Sneaky, sneaky!

4 thoughts on “Married life #20”

  1. Hmmmm… this is how we were raised. We are rice, dhal, veggies, etc. off our parents’ and grandparents’ plates. No special food at all and definitely no bottled, pureed stuff. Who knew there was a newfangled term for it? Imma gonna tell my mom she was trendy before it was trendy ;).


  2. I really don’t see the point in puréed and mashed up food, except in cases when the child has special needs. Yes, your mom was way ahead of the curve, heh!


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