Silly things

Puddles of fun

‘Twas a rainy day this morning and guess what went onto my feet? Why, my Fabulously Gorgeous wellies, of course!

I cut across the open air space on the campus compound to jump into some puddles of rain and oh my word, I haven’t had such fun in a while. I even retracted my steps to go back and gleefully kick out at some puddles that were begging to be kicked.

While everyone was hurrying along the sheltered walkway, I was madly splashing around in the open air. And that was super duper fun!

Wellies keep those toes snug and dry
Splashing around

3 thoughts on “Puddles of fun”

  1. lol. i share your joy.
    soap bubbles and puddles and that rainbow in the sky, they’re all there for you to blow, jump and wish upon.
    have a joyous day, yAnn.


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