Bun in oven


Act I, Scene I

In an examining room. yAnn is lying on the examination table with goo all over her belly while Dr Y rolls the ultrasound stick around. Mr Thick is sitting by her side.

Me: I haven’t decided if I want to know the baby’s gender or not.

Dr Y: Okay, I won’t say anything.

Continues rolling around the ultrasound thingy and showing us the baby’s bodily parts.

Me: Wait. Can you see anything? Cos I haven’t decided yet!

Dr Y: I am not saying anything.

Scrolls around. Pauses.

Dr Y: Mmm.

Me: What?!

Dr Y: (smiles) Can you see anything?

Mr Thick: (grinning) Oh! Hahaha!


Dr Y pauses scan and freezes the screen.

Dr Y: Look carefully. Can you see something?

Me: (squints at screen) OH MY GOD HE HAS A WEENIS!!!!

Fade to black

Spot the weenis