Bun in oven

The 16-week belly

So that’s the Tiny Human in me at 16 weeks.

Ignore the eye bags, I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks. It’s like I dream all night long and when the alarm rings in the morning, I’m all exhausted from the drama of the dreams. Very weird!

My weight gain has been slow – I guess it’s to be expected considering how nauseous I was for the first 13 weeks of the pregnancy. and that’s not forgetting that I have a natural high metabolic rate (which explains my sticklike figure). But the nugget’s growth is on target and Dr Y was happy and so I am happy.

These days, I look like I had my wicked way with the buffet table and ate too much for every single meal. Which is not the most flattering look for a girl but hey, I’ll take it. It’s not too far from the truth though – I’ve been eating like a cow! Moo.

Well, it’s now 940pm and I have decided to go to bed. Yawn. Leaving you with a couple more locked posts for now. Tah!

I bid thee adieu: Bye bye beer
Banishing the burps: Mr Thick has a clever anti-nausea idea
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