The organised chaos


Woah, it’s been a week since I last posted. Where the heck have I been and what the hell did I do with my time?

Well, in short: SHOPPING. Ms Nise-en-Scene, my darling girlfriend formerly known as the Queen of the Prairie, is currently in the States now and she has ever so kindly offered her apartment as my warehouse. Armed with her address, I started shopping up a storm, buying baby essentials from baby video monitor to swaddle blanket to itsy bitsy outfits that are too adorable for any eager mama to resist.

Don’t worry, I didn’t go overboard. Like I said, they were essentials and so much cheaper! I don’t understand why we need to pay upwards of $300 for a baby monitor here when I could get a perfectly functional one for all of US$99.99 from Amazon, replete with 4.5-star reviews. Bloody hell.

My time was also spent with meeting up with friends, most notably the warm and wonderful notabilia. We spent an afternoon together at The Orange Thimble, just chatting about everything and anything. And the lovely lady also handed me the Design*Sponge at Home tome, which I had won. Yay!

I’m usually a little hesitant about meeting online friends – because I am a bit of an awkward introvert and suffer from the foot-in-mouth syndrome – but she really put me at ease. When I meet people like her, it makes me glad that I am part of the digital age. She conducts bookmaking courses so if you are crafty and have an interest in creating something, please go sign up. I hear she’s a great teacher.

There’s a bunch of posts all crammed in my brain right now and I need to put them down into words proper. Meanwhile, please enjoy two more posts that I had written during my first trimester.

Sprouting limbs: a scare, some bites and I’m sort of busy
So effing tired: I’m so tired. Already?!

6 thoughts on “Hellooooooo”

  1. Aw, the feeling is totally mutual. I agree, the internets are sometimes a blessing. As I told you over coffee that day, if it weren’t for my blog/Twitter/etc. I would have a grand total of ZERO friends here in Singapore. I look forward to our next date!


  2. hi neighbour! congratulation! Just saw your IG photo 🙂
    hope the 1st tri period has not been too rough for you!

    take care


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