Bun in oven

Oi, Mama!

I went for my regular BodyBalance class today and while the rest of the group huffed and puffed through their Pilates abs exercises, I was taking it easy with my bridge pose.

And as I was staying with my hips up in the air through four breaths, I suddenly felt a fluttering of movement down at the area at my right pelvic bone. It was the nugget! He bubbled furiously under my skin for a couple of seconds before disappearing.


Later, we ended the session with savasana: lying supine in the darkness. Since lying on your back is a pregnancy no-no, I decided to curl up and rest on my left side instead.

Right on cue, I started getting those bumpy feelings on my right side again. Poor kid. He must have been panicking and going, ARRGGHHH QUIT FLIPPING AROUND, WILL YA?!


Speaking of mama, I bumped into the Sista at the gym today and she started scrutinizing my face. As in, she was literally in my face and peering closely at me. Suddenly, she blurted out, “Your face looks normal what!”

“Excuse me?!”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she said casually, “But mom told me today that your face is getting fat and I wanted to see if it’s true.”


Am still v classy and Fabulously Gorgeous, okay?


Just out of curiosity, what do you call your mother?

I’m 30 and I call my mom by a variety of names. My first greeting when I see or talk to her (over the phone) is a sing-song “Maaaaa-meeeeeee”. Yes, I still call her Mommy. When I am yelling at her to get her attention or when my words are tripping out in a hurry, I go “Ma!” Most of the time, however, I get lazy and just call her “meeeeee”.

Mr Thick, on the other hand, calls his parents “Mother” and “Father”, something which I adopted gratefully because honestly, I can’t imagine calling my mother-in-law Mommy or Ma. There is only one Mommy in my life!