Bun in oven

The 20-week belly

♥ Peoples, a milestone: WE ARE AT THE HALFWAY MARK! It suddenly feels like the six weeks since we passed the first trimester have literally flown by.

♥ Although theoretically, we are more than halfway there cos we turn 21 weeks tomorrow.

♥ I had a gastric attack yesterday: skipped a tea break due to a four hour teaching stretch and my stomach went APESHIT on me. Popped over to Dr Y’s and he told me to take Gaviscon. Which I have been refusing to buy because I HATE drinking milky, antacid solutions.

♥ Yes, I’d rather suffer from gastric and heartburn than down strange tasting stuff.

♥ I’m also the one who went through IVF and stabbed my stomach twice a day for 10 days. Wuss.

♥ Bought the Gaviscon tablets instead, chewed on them and nearly gagged. After swallowing, I realized that it really wasn’t THAT BAD. Maybe I should start a HypnoChewing class. Any takers?

♥ The good news is, we had a good look at the Tiny Human today! The kid’s got some seriously long arms and fingers, he kept his hands close to his face the entire time we were peeping at him. Shy boy, just like who? Why, Mama of course!

♥ Oh, and I checked. He REALLY does have a weenis. Just in case. You know.

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