Bun in oven

To manhood!

This past week has literally flown by. After back to back weddings on Sunday – where family members came up to me to exclaim over how small my tummy was (oh, because pregnant women LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE TELL THEM HOW SMALL THEIR TUMMIES ARE!) – my week at work has been packed with classes and orientation. Ordinarily, I would have loved to get away from work with ANY excuse but this time, I was moaning about it all the frigging time because it meant having to reschedule classes and less time to grade assignments.

My, what a changed person I have become!

We went for our 20th week Fetal Anatomy scan (ie. the detailed scan) earlier this week and phew! The nugget has got all his fingers, toes, nose, lips, kidneys, liver, spine and heart in place. We even saw the aorta as well as the four chambers of his heart. Isn’t life just amazing? Weeks ago, I had to strain my eyes to look at the barely there flickering of his heart, thinking it was a bad pixel. Now, we could see the the ventricles and atria, and the opening and closing of the valve as it tirelessly pumps away.

The Tiny Human was wriggling away like a fish and the doctor commented more than once that he is an active little thing. He was constantly moving his hands around and at one point, we saw him opening and closing his hands into fists. And then a minute later, baby boy moved his tiny ass to sit RIGHT ONTO MY BLADDER, which would explain why mama here HAS GOT TO GO PEE NOW NOW NOW sooooo many times in the day.

I love my little man.

Enough to share with the whole world the picture of the appendage between his tiny thighs, hur hur.

During my scan that day with Dr Y when I had the gastric attack, I asked him to check again for the nugget’s weenis. JUST IN CASE, I said and he asked, JUST IN CASE WHAT?

You know. Just in case.

He moved that magic ultrasound paddle around my “blossoming” belly (something from my daily hypnobirthing affirmations) and voila! There’s my boy flashing us his weenis. The accompanying subtitle is clearly NOT my idea.

I need to get used to this. Weenis. No, penis. PENIS. PENIS PENIS PENIS. My son has a PENIS (and rightly so too).

That means…