Bun in oven, Two of Us

Married life #21

One night before bedtime…

(No, this is strictly non-scandalous in nature. Definitely safe for work)

Me: Can you read a story to your kid? He hears my voice throughout the day, we should let him get used to yours.

Him: Okay. What shall I read to him?

Me: The Dr Seuss book that Yi Lin bought for him?

Him: So boring. Mmm… (starts mucking around on his iPhone)

This was what happened next:

(When the story ended…)

Me: Read something else?

Him: Okay.

And then:

Him: Hey boy boy! Your mommy tweeted about me!

Me: Stop calling him boy boy! That’s damn gross. Or worse, “boi boi”.

Him: (ignores me and continues flicking on his iPhone screen)

And then suddenly:

Don’t know what The Tunnel is? Here it is and remember to turn up the volume. Don’t say I didn’t share a good thing with you.

4 thoughts on “Married life #21”

  1. *gasp* He did didn’t read Dr Seuss to the bub? Tsk tsk Mister.

    Well, truth be told, Coco’s dad did the same thing. Picked Go The F*** To Sleep over a good ol’ classic. Audio book somemore. Talk about being lazy.


  2. The Tunnel is good huh! I guess my son will be born with a sense of humour, if anything.

    Yi Lin: Wahaha you used the audio book? Yes, lazy daddy indeed!

    Nat: I think it’s a man thing. LOL.


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