Bun in oven

The 26-week belly

When I look at this picture, all I can see is that bulbous thing in the middle of my face.
Yes, it’s called THE NOSE.
Does it not resemble Jackie Chan’s?
Even Mr Thick was like, DUDE. That thing is BIG.

This little man of mine makes me sooooo ridiculously paranoid.
On Sunday, he hardly moved at all and I was all IS HE ALIVE?
I poked and prodded him till he gave me a few half-hearted kicks.
Turns out, the nugget was either snoozing away or having a growth spurt or something.
Cos we are back on again, ladies and gentlemen.
The human circus in utero is playing once more at a womb near you. Mine.

26 weeks is turning out to be fabulous.
Despite the insomnia caused by a certain somebody.
Who apparently sneezed in his sleep so violently, the entire bed shook and made me think, in my grogginess, that he was having a nightmare and shouting.
At 4bloody30am.
This person may or may not also have dropped his mobile phone from the bed at 4bloody30amagain this morning, hence waking me up.
I forgive him though.
We have been lowering the temperature of the aircon these days because mama here is SUPER HOT STUFF.
Yes, of course am sexy and Fabulously Gorgeous, but more so because I’m burning up like a furnace.
The poor man’s been freezing under his skimpy army singlet.
Told him to stop airing his pits in his sleep but would he listen to me? NOOOOO.

In other news, I am looking forward to Christmas and our holiday to Hong Kong.
Gawd, I love travelling with the man.
Or maybe, I just love the man, period.
Otherwise I wouldn’t be knocked up, would I?

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