Two of Us

Married life #22

On Christmas Day when we were having a pre-movie quick dinner at Mos Burger

Me: Hey, I’m surprised that you didn’t order fries.

Him: I don’t like their fries.

Me: Why not?

Him: I just never did like their fries.

Me: Why? I love their fries. Maybe you only like skinny fries.

Him: Yes, I have a thing for skinny fries.

Me: Oh hur hur, very funny. Well, it’s a good thing that I like fat fries then.

Him: That’s why we are here having this conversation.

Me: And what a stimulating conversation it is!


On the night of Boxing Day, while watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. We are laughing uproariously…

Me: (lets out a tiny fart) Damn! Pregnancy is so unglamorous. I keep having these little farts these days when I laugh.

Him: It’s okay. That’s what I do to you too.

Me: THE FUCK?!?!

Him: You mean you never noticed?

Me: NO!!

Him: Oh.

Me: You are such an arsehole.


Happy 12th anniversary to my love.
This time next year, it will be you, me and a little somebody.
In the meantime, I am happy to have had you all to myself for the past 12 years.

Photo taken during our trash the dress shoot by the awesome Alywin

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