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The joys of a new life

This morning, I switched on my phone to find a text message from my friend P: “It’s a girl!”

Such glorious news! I almost jumped for joy, except that I was at the bus-stop and my bus was approaching. Plus, the belly doesn’t allow me to do anything that’s gravity defying these days so I settled for tweeting instead.

P and I found each other on the Internetz shortly after we had announced the pregnancy. Throughout our pregnancies, we exchanged notes and, to the chagrin of our husbands, updates on sales for baby and maternity wear. We were both proponents of hypnobirthing and she was one of those who constantly gave me encouragement about gearing towards a natural, drug-free birth.

Earlier in the week, P was facing the prospect of having to opt for an epidural. I know, in the end, what should matter is that both mother and child are safe. But I also know how much she was looking forward to having that natural, drug-free birth and was hoping and praying that it would go the way she had envisioned. It did and that made the news even sweeter.

Congrats P and J on your little girl! She’s a lucky, lucky child.


In December, I woke up with a strange dream. In it, friends of ours announced their pregnancy. I remember being genuinely happy that they were going to be parents, but also feeling slightly bitter that they were able to conceive just like that.

Later in the day, I related the dream to Mr Thick, telling him about the “pregnancy” but stopping short of mentioning my feelings. He proved that he may be thick in girth but not thick in the brains when he asked, “And…?” The man was perceptive enough to know that there was more to the story than I was letting on. Sheepishly, I told him about how I felt in the dream. He didn’t say a word but simply smiled and gave me a hug.

It just goes to show that even though I am on “the other side” now, I can never relinquish my identity as someone from that side. Yes, I feel truly embarrassed by that green-eyed monster that rears its ugly head whenever I hear of people who just bloody breathe and get knocked up and I try my best to beat it down.

Clearly, I have to learn to be a more gracious person.

3 thoughts on “The joys of a new life”

  1. I think it’s ok to be ‘envious’ when pple have it easy.
    On a same but not so same note, after being left at the altar (so to speak), I get happy when friends get engaged, and then proceed to get married, but envious that they never had to go through hell like i did when the ass broke it off. Even when i’m now about to walk down the aisle (again) with a much better guy, and I’m sure the whole ‘leave me 2 mths before wedding thing’ won’t happen to me again, but i sometimes still feel the ‘dread’ of it being all gone, just like that.

    I don’t know if it’s the same kinda ‘dread’ feeling, but for me, i keep telling myself maybe it happened, because it allows you to cherish life more, and to ‘see’ what really is important,and for that, you’ll be stronger enough to handle life’s other lemons in the future.

    And sometimes, maybe I feel it’s just about timing.


  2. I understand how u feel… I tried to conceive for 4 years before popping. Now I am trying for my 2nd one. I really feel envious that my frens can conceived even without trying. I have 2 gfs that conceived even when they have ‘protection’. They like to ask me why I’m not having a 2nd bb…sigh. Who don’t want, just that it doesn’t come easily like them…sob


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