Bun in oven

The 29-week belly

Woah there! And just like that, we are inching nearer and nearer towards 30 weeks.

Last night was a good test on my mama’s instincts. Mr Thick was suffering from a bad bout of food poisoning and had jumped out of bed at 3am to hurl the contents of his stomach into the toilet bowl. Somehow, my eyes flew open and I stumbled to the loo to find him hunched over the bowl. While he cleaned himself up, I went to the kitchen to make him a hot drink and as he fell into an exhausted sleep, I found myself tossing and turning for a good hour, trying to make myself comfortable.

Man, are my hips and back aching! There’s this whole thing about how pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their backs because the uterus will restrict blood circulation or something like that but it is SO. HARD. to keep sleeping on your side. After a while, my granny hips started to creak in pain and I have to flip. And the poor nugget clearly didn’t like the constant switch in positions because he started somersaulting around.

So here I am, all zonked and tired out. You can just SEE it in the photo. I was all, heh heh zzzzzzz. But ah well, I’m all about keeping it real, eh?

The kid has been pretty good to his mama so far though. Yes, the usual pregnancy aches and pains are here, he’s been quite the acrobat and my sleep debt is mounting every hour. But we’ve had a pretty good journey so far and now we are down to 11 more weeks before we see him!

Well, 11 more weeks according to the official due date that was given to us. My mom is pretty darn certain that he will pop out earlier than expected. But then again, the woman also tried to make a $100 bet with me that the nugget is a girl earlier on so I’m not too sure she can be trusted in the baby stakes. For weeks on end, she kept telling Rai that he was going to have a mei mei to keep him in check while the sista and I rolled our eyes.

Alright. I’m shuffling off to bed and to bond with my kid. I play music to him almost everyday and we have a quick natter about our day. Sometimes, I also ask him what the heck he is doing inside my belly and how he can be here, there, EVERYFRIGGINGWHERE.

6 thoughts on “The 29-week belly”

  1. Cant believe it’s only 11 more weeks! Totally envious šŸ˜›
    Right here, I’m still “struggling”…….. Haiz.
    Maybe my turn will never come šŸ˜¦ It’s hard to stay positive when your biological clock is ticking fast & your body is still showing symptoms of uterine polyps & a blocked tube. Gosh!


  2. I was a back sleeper all the way. It was the most comfy position for me really. But now that I breast feed lying down often, I’ve no choice but to torture my poor hips.
    You will be holding your baby in your arms so soon! Exciting!


  3. M: heh thanks! Took me a while to get used to it. šŸ˜›

    Genie: Urghs, I know how it feels. It WILL come, really! It took me two years and even though it felt like it will never be my turn, look at me now.

    Rebekah: Really? Darn, all those literature are like, no you cannot sleep on your back. I keep waking up to flip myself to the side, it’s so tiring.


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