Aidan, Bun in oven

Aidan: A birth story, part 2

Read Part 1 here

Sunday, March 4
While making coffee at about 1045am, I suddenly felt a light gush of fluid flowing down and I stopped, thinking that I was still bleeding from the VE. Cursing and swearing, I headed to the loo to change my panty liner, only to find myself staring at a wet liner that was free from blood.


I sat down on the bowl to pee and to think, and I realized that I was “peeing” fluid from my vagina too. Uh oh.

I was leaking amniotic fluid.

Shoot. This wasn’t how it’s supposed to happen!

Since the plan was to labour at home (and be as far away from the hospital as possible), we decided to get on with our day and see if the leaking continued. Mr Thick vacuumed the house down, we went to the in-laws’ for lunch, headed to school to sort out my work and then proceeded to my mother’s place to have tea with her. By the time we reached home, it was almost 4pm.

And yet, my surges were still irregular and I was leaking amniotic fluid intermittently. My little man was active and moving quite a bit, making me wonder why he wasn’t as engaged as he should be. I tried to get the surges going by changing my labouring positions but nothing worked.

At 5pm, I texted Dr Y, who asked us to go into the hospital at 7pm. We bargained and got it moved to 10 pm, since I was trying to steer clear of any active management of my labour. In the meantime, we had dinner and I even washed and blew dry my hair. The surges were still sporadic and lacked intensity.

Finally at 915pm, we reluctantly left our house and drove towards the hospital. In my heart, I knew that something was wrong and I might not get the birth that I had wanted so badly.

To be continued…

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