Our cloth diapering experience

Since I had loudly proclaimed to all and sundry that I had intended to use cloth diapers, I thought it would be suitable for me to talk about how it’s been going so far.

I didn’t start cloth diapering till Aidan was about six weeks old. For starters, he was a tiny baby at birth (2.3kg when we were discharged from the hospital) and I didn’t think that the cloth diapers would fit him. He was so tiny, socks were falling off from his feet! Plus, we were trying to establish a rhythm and there was no sense in introducing another source of stress into the picture.

Now, we have established an easy routine of cloth diapering. Aidan is still in disposables at night because I haven’t dared to experiment with cloth thus far. His night sleep has been pretty decent and in this case, I firmly believe in the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

In the day though, it’s been easy peasy. We had gotten eight pieces of Moo Moo Kow pocket diapers (a local brand, yippee!) and five from Babyland. We typically use about three to four diapers a day and a combination of one microfibre and one bamboo insert keeps Aidan’s little bum dry for about four hours.

What makes it easier for us is that the little man now has a predictable pooping schedule. He does his mega dump in the early morning when he is in a disposable diaper, which is oh so convenient. And when he doesn’t go as usual, I make sure that I place a diaper liner each time I put him in the cloth diaper. The liner catches most of the poop although it does seep through onto the diaper, Aidan being a total breastfed baby and all. In cases when the diaper is stained, we bring it into the loo and get rid of the bits with the diaper sprayer. Everything then goes into a large Planet Wise wet bag, placed in his clothes hamper and washed every other day with the rest of his stuff. The diapers do smell quite funky by then but the bag does a good job of keeping the stink in.

Doing the laundry every other day may sound terribly troublesome but it has become a necessity with baby on board. I mean, he’s a boy and what do baby boys like to do when the diaper is off? Why, spray freely into the open air, of course! The little bugger does this at least once every other day and we find ourselves stripping off his clothes, swaddle, towel and/or the diaper pad cover. Then, there is the projectile poop to deal with. Yes, you read right, PROJECTILE POOP. It is not unusual for me to hear Mr Thick go “OH SHIT, AIDAN!” in the early hours of the morning (he is in charge of output, as we had discussed), followed by the unmistakable sound of gushing.

So yeah, almost daily laundry? Not an issue. We just chuck everything into the washer before dinner and then hang it out to dry after that. With the weather being as crazy hot as it is now, the diapers and liners are dry within a day. And the sunlight is perfect for getting rid of yellow poop stains on the diapers too.

It makes me chirpy to see these cheery prints and colors on my baby’s ass – totally superficial but that’s me. Plus, I’m glad that we are saving money AND the environment at the same time. Disposables are so freaking expensive! Double plus, it keeps his bum happy and cool too.

I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when he moves onto solids and his poop is no longer the soy smelling watery bits that it is now. I guess I’ll find out in three months’ time!

PS I turned to Mummy’s Reviews and Oh! Apostrophe for research before taking the plunge.

6 thoughts on “Our cloth diapering experience”

  1. Hello Yann,

    I landed in your blog yesterday and find it a good read, especially since my
    son was born in March, 2012 as well, so can connect to a lot of your recent posts. And I am planing to switch to cloth diapers. But my biggest concern is, would the baby feel too hot with all that CD bulk in Singapore’s hot weather? I don’t crank up the aircon most of the time, we use the fan mostly. Any thoughts from your experience? TIA.


  2. I was so curious about this and am so glad you wrote a post with all the details. I find the print so lovely and cute. Would love to see all the various colours and designs.

    You really are a dedicated mum 🙂 Not sure if I would have the energy to do the same. But it made me think my mum and grandma only used cloth back then too since Pampers only came on ‘the scene’ in Singapore in the late 70’s/80’s.


  3. We used to do two loads of laundry every day when we were cloth diapering. I’m not sure that we ended up saving any money (or the environment) once we factored in the cost of using the washing machine and dryer so frequently!


  4. Hello Divya, I don’t think the cloth diaper is a lot hotter to use than disposables. Well, Aidan hasn’t complained so far! 😉 I try to skip the AC too and he seems pretty happy in them.

    Jean: two loads of laundry everyday is a load! I’m only doing a load every other day. Plus with the weather being as hot as it is, I’ve not used the dryer for ages hee.

    jy: Sometimes I do, especially if we drive. Cos we only use the stroller when we drive (it’s a monster) and this means that I don’t have to carry a heavy load. But when I am out with Aidan on my own, I use disposables since I don’t drive.


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