Two of Us

To my son’s father

Thank you for getting up every single time to soothe our baby when he fusses at night, just so I can sleep, even though you have to go to work in the day.

Thank you for taking charge of nighttime diaper duty.

Thank you for playing the role of a pseudo single parent during weekends so that I can have the time and space to breathe.

Thank you for the kisses and murmurs of reassurance after all those middle of the night feeds.

Thank you for putting our little man to bed every night.

Thank you for picking us up and sending us home everyday when we are out.

Thank you for thanking me everyday.

More importantly, thank you for being such a devoted, loving, hands-on father.
I’ve always believed that you would be a good father.
Now, I know that you are a great father.

Happy fathers’ day, my love.

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