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Gah! No sleep!

Just when I was congratulating myself for having a kid that sleeps mightily fine at night, His Royal Potatoness threw us all into a zombified loop by waking up in A Royal Fuss every two hours.

That’s Every. Two. Freaking. Hours.

I’ve just been smitten (no, not the coffee place, more of, like,being thumped heartily) by the God of Infant Sleep.

So yes, it looks like we’ve been hit by the infamous 4 month sleep regression. Or it could be due to his approaching Wonder Week 19. Whatever. Along with his epic 20-minute naps, he now sleeps like crap at night too. Whee. Good times.

The two things saving my sanity: co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Oh, all the parenting sites/books will tell you that I’m breeding a co-dependent, whiny child who will never grow out of these bad habits blah blah blah. I haven’t seen an 18-year-old kid needing to go to sleep by nursing (EWW) so there. I need my sleep and if sticking a boob into my crying baby’s mouth is going to work then so be it.


Posting will understandably be light for a while.

Oh wait. I am back at work! That means I can stil blog. Yay! Guess you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Sleeping beauty

Once upon a time, there was a baby who napped like an angel. And then he simply stopped. The end.

PS: that’s my boo boo at 10 days old. ❤

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