The first impression

It’s raining babies!
Well, not really. It’s just that in a matter of weeks, we have had two wee ones born to dear friends. I have always had a tendency towards hyperbole.

And I have forgotten how teeny tiny newborns are! And the instant rush of love and affection that you feel towards them, even if they are not yours. Those little noises and the adorable way they stretch…I have missed that. It makes me want to chomp them down. Like siew mai. Or xiaolongbao.

Obviously, I do not miss the crazy ass period when I was up every three hours fulfilling my mudderly duties. Wait a minute, I HAVE been doing that for the past weeks.

Oh, and I made that word up. MUDDERLY. Awesome, innit? Sums up everything.
Repeat after me: MAR-DER-LY. MUDDERLY.

Anyway, amid all that talk among us parents about the first thoughts we had when we laid our eyes on our newly emerged child, it brought me back to that moment when Aidan was dragged out of my cut up body (I know, sounds gory and gross when I put it like that, sensational stories sell afterall).

My first thought was: Aiyoh, not handsome at all, looks like Mr Thick.

Mr Thick’s first words to me: Our son has a lot of hair!

My first text to my cousins on our WhatsApp group chat: Say hi to Aidan! He’s not very handsome, looks like the father, but never mind lah hor.

Clearly, this mama’s eyes, as they say, has stamps pasted on them because LOOK AT THIS BABY. He’s OVERFLOWING WITH TEH CUTENESS.

Should have known better. Any child birthed from my nether regions will never be ugly. Am Fabulously Gorgeous afterall.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby for the first time?

6 thoughts on “The first impression”

  1. Yann, you’re sooo funny! Your whatsapp message made me laugh. But seriously, Aidan was a cute newborn, and he’s still really cute now! I usually think newborns are ugly (including my own kids) so that’s really saying something πŸ™‚

    I teared when I saw Noey the first time and remember saying “You’re here!” No tears the second time round. Just a “Hello sweetheart!” before they whisked her off.


  2. First thought: that she was a purple conehead. And I didn’t care a scrap, because she was MINE, ALL MINE AND I WILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF IF YOU COME NEAR HER (with the exception of her father). She is no longer a purple conehead. People keep telling me she looks like an angel, to which I always reply: looks deceive. But I prefer her as the little rascal she is to the cutesy sweetness her blondness implies. I remember thinking to myself after a few weeks “I don’t think she is the most gorgeous thing ever, that must be one of those mummy myths.” And then I went to see the other mums and their babies of my particular mummy-group, and thought: “even if she isn’t gorgeous per se, at least she is WAY prettier than all the other ones.” But I have to admit that picture of Aidan is giving her a good run for her money! He is v.v. handsome.


  3. Yann, Aidan here looks like this Korean pretty boy actor – Song Joong Ki. If you watch running man, you’ll know him. He’s very cute! (Both Aidan and Joongki :p) Go google if you don’t know who he is!


  4. He’s so cute, I wanna huggle-wuggle him. When Vera was born, I was in quite a bit of pain from the wound and so all I could think of was ‘wahh, so chubby like me’. When Javier was born, I was in a much better overall state of mind despite having a gaping hole in my abdomen and so I thought, ‘woah, he’s quite a cutie’. Please don’t tell me I’m biased… πŸ˜›


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