5 months of Aidan

Dear Aidan,

Today, you are all of five months old! This month is all about you developing into a little person. You are no longer this eat/sleep/shit little bundle, no siree!

Let’s cut to the chase. Your sleep is still rubbish. Oh, how I long for the days when you went down for the night from 830pm to 4am and then went right back to sleep after a quick feed. Now, your internal clock is programmed for 1am and then 5am. The latter is the cruelest thing you can inflict on your poor mother. You yell, I wake up, feed you, unlatch you, pat you back to sleep and then OOPS the alarm rings.

And let’s not forget your day naps. They remain as epic as before although we are seeing some improvement. Your Por Por gets very excited when you sleep for an hour (like, twice) and hey, there was also that nap when you fell asleep on your own on the rocker. She and I, we are like warriors trying to beat the AH HAH! SLEEP IS FOR WUSSES monster into submission. Meanwhile, you gurgle, suck your fists and drool all over your onesie in nonchalance.

My little man, your naps are seriously the stuff of legends now.

Thankfully, you are such a happy and mellow baby otherwise. You make motherhood such a breeze for me now and everyone who has met you can’t help but love and coo over you. You stare at them with your big, big eyes and then smile when they chat with you.

And oh, how generous are you with your smiles and that laughter! You giggle at the simplest and most incongruous things.

Like, when we tell you to “SMACK!” the water during baths.

Like, when I play peekaboo with you.

Like, when Daddy smacks his own cheeks with your hands.

Like, when we were singing and dancing in the bedroom with Daddy. (Okay, you might be sniggering at how we two bags of creaky bones – and fat, in your daddy’s case – were busting a move.)

Speaking of singing, you have certainly inherited our musical genes. You LOVE it when we sing to you. Your gummy grin gets wider and you wave your arms and legs so enthusiastically when I warble “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to you. It’s YOUR song.

Everyday, I can’t help but hold you to my chest tightly and rain kisses on your cheeks. It’s an addiction. Those cheeks are putting out the KISS US KISS US signals. If I could chomp you down like a xiaolongbao, I totally would. You are that delicious.

Two evenings ago, we were on our way home after picking Daddy up from work and you were snoozing in my arms in the back seat. As I watch your chest rise and fall so peacefully, your long lashes framing your closed eyes, I told your dad that I would gladly go through those two dreadful years of battling infertility a thousand times over.

Because you make everything worth it.


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