The organised chaos

Let there be light

Oddly enough, for someone who likes to stay up late into the wee hours of the night and has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, I am a creature of the light.

Sunlight makes me very happy.
It inspires me, imparts a bounce into my step, makes me feel alive.
It’s bright, it’s warm, it embraces me.
(Even though I don’t like the humidity that accompanies it right here in Singapore.)

Which is why I love our home, because there’s always light streaming in.
Which is why my current desk at the office is a tad depressing.
I’m stuck in a corner – which is great for privacy but not so great because the light doesn’t get to me.,
Oh, I try to brighten it up with a table lamp, but it’s simply not the same.

And then along comes a coffee shop on campus.
It set up shop at a little strip facing the serene, picturesque garden.
On good days, it has plenty of gorgeous light and a gentle breeze rustling the pages of my books.
And this is where you can find me these days, alone with my iPad and my textbooks.
I plug into my earphones to shut out the world and alternate between typing and reading.

I guess I am really not meant to be a corporate rat.