Foodie in the making

Gee, what’s this?

Let me try it.


Love it!

So. Someone started on solids at 5.5M and guess what? He LOVES IT. If that’s not the face of someone who loves his broccoli, I don’t know what is.

We’ve been doing baby led weaning at home and Mr A just could not shove food into his mouth fast enough. Or accurate enough, actually. Sometimes, he ends up pushing the food into his cheeks, which is pretty damn funny.

So far, he has had broccoli (LOVE), carrots (MEH), red bell peppers (YUCKS), sweet potato (LOVE), bread (LOVE), chicken (LOVE) and beef (MEH). Then, there is that odd piece of roti prata here and plain hotcakes there. He’s also had some bao skin when we were having dimsum. Basically, whatever we can feed him (no sugar, no salt), we give it to him.

In fact, he gets mad when I don’t put food into his mouth fast enough when we are out and even grabs my hand towards his face.

Of course, whatever goes in has to come out and let’s just put it this way, his output has turned REALLY FUNKY. Mmm.

But oh well, to have the experience of watching him eat the food I cook with such gusto? TOTALLY WORTH THE FUNK!