Two of Us

Married life #25

One night before bedtime…

…It’s not R-rated, I promise you. Anyway, back to the story…

Me: Urghs. Every night, as I am lying in bed, I can feel my back and right ITB ache. And I tell myself, I must massage it tomorrow night. And then I forget all about it, until I am lying in bed and I feel the leg ache. It’s a vicious cycle.

Him: Set a reminder for it.

Me: Yeah. (Absolutely had no intention of setting a reminder.)

Him: (speaking into his iPad) Siri, set reminder for tomorrow at 10pm. Get wife to massage thigh tomorrow.

Me: (laughing uncontrollably like a hyena at the silliness of it) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This was what resulted:

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