7 months of Aidan

Dear Aidan,

Every month, I remind your dad that it’s time to take your photo. And every month, he will say the same thing: “So fast?”

Yes, time seems to flash by when you are with us. Such a difference to that trying period of time when we were trying to conceive! The days just seem too short and I wish we had more hours together, you and me.

I go around telling everyone who will listen to me that this is such a fun part of our journey together. And it is! You are such a funny, adorable and chirpy little boo boo.

These days, you are a chatty fellow. You are constantly yakking to us and making strange sounds. To my sheer delight, the first “word” that you have been uttering is “MA”. Whenever you complain, you have this way of saying, “MA MA MA MA MA. MA MA MA MA MA MA.”

Case in point: I put you on our bed one evening before nursing and accidentally boinked your forehead with my elbow. For that split second, we stared at each other in incredulous shock, before I hastily gathered you up into my arms in a flimsy attempt to prevent any form of waterworks from happening. Imagine my surprise when you didn’t cry but started bitching instead, going, “Ma ma ma ma ma. Ah ma ma ma ma ma!” Tsk.

Recently, you have also added the word PA into your vocabulary so, sigh, I guess your dad and I are even now.

The thing is, you cleverly save your complaints for us and is all charming and adorable in front of others. Whenever I bring you out to meet my friends (and their babies), you win their hearts over with your shy smiles and happy, flappy moves. You let all and sundry carry you and coo sweet nothings at you. Everyone thinks that you are the cutest baby ever and nobody will believe me when I say that you can be a brat sometimes.

But even though you CAN be such a monster, whining and whinging to get your way, I always tell your dad that I am addicted to you. Your cheeks are always begging to be kissed and those chub-a-dub-dub thighs are so nom nom nom-worthy! Everytime I nurse you, I have to resist giving your bum a smack or two. The resounding PIAK that ensues just makes me squeal like a silly schoolgirl.

Remember those days when I was all, I don’t want to carry this baby to sleep forever! Erm, changed my mind. I love, LOVE to cuddle you close these days but you won’t let me no more! You wriggle and wriggle like there are ants in your pants. Dude, you can’t sit still. Can you just let poor mama here hug her baby to bits for a while longer?

We will be off to our first family holiday in a week’s time and I can’t wait! We’ve been doing baby led weaning with you and every day, I find myself amazed at how far you have come. You are sitting up unassisted now and it’s oh so convenient for us. You can stuff food into your mouth with ease now and you eat anything and everything that we eat. Just the other night, we had bak kut teh for dinner and we gave you some meat off the ribs. You loved it! You even had a go at sucking the juices from the rib bone. I am so looking forward to having all our meals together in Sydney and you eating off my plate.

You light up our lives, baby boy, and we love you so much that our hearts are bursting at the seams every day. That smile of yours is so infectious and your joy so unbridled and warm. You remember how I say “Good morning, sunshine!” to you in the mornings when we come get you from the cot?

That’s because you are such a beam of pure sunshine. I hope you never lose that beautiful sense of wonderment and happiness.

Your mama

2 thoughts on “7 months of Aidan”

  1. Such a heart-warming post! So sweet! :p
    By the way, where did you get all those rompers of different months? They’re amazing milestone markers! And, so cool that your baby can fit into each month’s outfit perfectly……not too big or small! wow!


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