8 months of Aidan

Dear Aidan,

And just like that, you are inching closer and closer to your first birthday. YOUR FIRST BIRTHDAY. Weren’t you barely fitting into your newborn clothes just yesterday or something?

Why do the days fly by so quickly?
It’s so heartwrenching and EXCITING at the same time.

Yesterday, I took you to your nai nai’s house. Both grandparents were eagerly awaiting your arrival. I gave you a cuddle, as I do every time I leave you with your caregivers, and your yeye stretched out his arms to carry you.

But your reaction was different. You snuggled closer to me, placed your head on my chest and looked as if you could stay there for the rest of the day. You had your cheek planted firmly on me, your fingers stuck in your mouth and looked shyly at them. Even your nai nai’s promises of food didn’t sway you. You rejected FOOD. For ME. (does a secret happy dance)

I’ve never seen you behave like that. I mean, you are that baby who babbles and smiles at strangers in the lift!

It just shows me how you are evolving, day by day, in ways that I cannot even comprehend or predict. And that’s the beauty and wonder of motherhood.

Life is so fun with you around. My days are filled with laughter, thanks to your antics. Whether you are grunting in concentration while taking a dump (have it on video, check) or chewing a huge slab of food that’s spilling out of your mouth (have it on Instagram, check), or grinning as I serenade you with ‘Itsy bitsy spider’ or kicking your arms and legs enthusiastically whenever you are excited – you’ve brought so much fun and joy in my life.

You are just too adorable for your own good.
And totally worth those sleepless nights.

Even if, to my eternal sadness, you aren’t very good at kissing! You always turn away, like, ewww, go away mama. At the grand old age of eight months! Isn’t that only going to happen when you are a smelly teenager?

But I’m so glad that you still love me loads, even though I barely see you during the weekdays. You are super excited when you see me approaching after the work day has ended and I am picking you up, and you allow me to squeeze you tight. Sometimes, you even stroke my cheek gently and gaze into my eyes with a sweet smile. Don’t tell your dad but I am secretly happy when you only want mama to comfort and hold you during those moments when you are bawling the house down. And I love to hold you close, to indulge in your squishy baby fats.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you make motherhood a breeze for mama (after the initial shock of the fourth trimester, hah!).

You, my darling boo boo, will always be a living reminder that miracles do happen.
And I love you to the moon and back.

Your mama

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