Aidan, Motherhood

Right as rain

So. It’s pouring outside and I am sitting at my desk.
I told myself that I would work on my slides, get them all sorted out.
But then I went and cranked up the music player and now Christmas songs envelop me.
The cup of tea in my KeepCup is keeping me warm and happy.
A chocolate bar sits in a bowl next to me.
And all I can think of is, how I wish I am snuggling in bed with my little man.

Right now, he is all squishy and lovely to hug.
He has deliciously juicy thighs and cute little sausage links for arms.
And those cheeks! They are so marvelously bouncy!
I could kiss them all day long, although I suspect that he might not be too happy about it.

He’s a delectable little munchkin.
Even if he is in the midst of his next mental leap and waking up a gazillion times during the night.
Boy oh boy.

He also managed to destroy the baby monitor at three in the morning over the weekend.
I woke up to see husband hauling a smiling, cooing baby into our bedroom and muttering, “HE BROKE THE MONITOR!”
Meanwhile, Aidan was smiling and reaching up to touch my cheeks.
Too cute. And too annoying!

Oh, babies.
They are so much trouble and yet so much fun.

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