Exactly 37 weeks and 3 days ago, Aidan was born.
From tomorrow onwards, he would have spent more time outside my womb than inside.
I’m sure this is something that only mothers would care about.

We have all come a long way since that morning at 4am, when he was taken out of my body.
And we have barely scratched the surface of it.

The time that I had spent alone with my little man during my maternity leave is something that belongs to us.
He made me a mother and in those hours – some extremely long and painful – he stripped me down to my rawest state.
I had never felt so helpless before in my life.
And nobody else will ever see me in that way again.
He won’t remember it, of course, but I will.
It’s forever seared in my memory, in my heart.

37 weeks and three days on, we have hit our stride.
We no longer question why, we just do.
There is no point in wondering and whining, the days still fly by.
We still have to get through each challenge, each milestone.
Some days are easier than others, and yet everyday is full of joy.

8 weeks in gestation

20 weeks in gestation

Hours after he was born

At 2.5 weeks

At 4 months

At 7.5 months

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