The organised chaos

Hello again.

So. I wish I have a fantastic reason for not writing but the truth is, I have none. Well, I do have a reason for my tardiness and it’s called Life.

The past month has been sheer madness for me. My colleague went on maternity leave and I took over one of her subjects. The adjunct lecturer dropped out suddenly and I found myself grading 91 scripts and clocking in additional hours in class. In fact, I had been bringing work home to grade since the Christmas break and I have only just cleared part of it last week. And then there was a whole bunch of logistics and admin stuff to deal with.

And sleep! Ah, the precious commodity that cannot be bought. The little man’s sleep has been downright horrendous – we are talking five to eight wakings per night at its peak. It’s always something: teething, mental leap, separation anxiety, whatever and ever. I’m so bloody tired!

In fact, I was so exhausted that I left my car parked without pulling the handbrake up and did not even see the pedestrian crossing the road until husband pointed it out to me. Oops.

Sleep. Well, I am considering sleep training but we’ll have to do it after his current developmental transition, probably after his first birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, my baby is turning one! Say, what? WUD. I’ve been so swamped and tired that I haven’t really done anything about it but I do know how we will be celebrating it.

One. Oh my. I’m astonished at how time has flown by.

The semester is ending in three weeks’ time and all I can say is, YEEEAHHHHHHHH.

In the meantime, I am relying on java and teh-si. See y’all soon.

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