Two of Us

The lovely day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day which brings most men to their knees, cowering in fear (or trying to pull off that showy proposal).

There was no special dinner to be had in this household, nor were there any candles lit. No candies, although we did each indulge in a Magnum mini after dinner. No flowers either, because the cats will eat them and then get sick all over our floor (they are so annoying like that).

BUT. There was a present!

Husband came home from work holding on to a huge paper bag, the widest grin on his face. Nestled within the tissue was…a handbag! I had been thinking of getting a bag to use for carting my stuff between classes and here he came, bearing exactly what I had wanted. I didn’t hint for a bag, nor did I tell him what I liked. He just went out to get something for me and it was perfect.

This, hot on the heels of that spa treatment at Banyan Tree Spa that he had stealthily booked for my birthday last month.

This, on top of the pair of Naturalizer shoes that he had bought for me, simply because I had said that they were an absolute dream on my feet.

Good man.

13 years together and he still manages to surprise me. As I have always said, we may not be perfect but we sure are perfect for each other.

And that’s all that matters.

Photo by the very awesome Alywin.