11 months of Aidan

Dear Aidan,

Technically, you are midway through your 11th month and I am late with this letter. Well. It’s entirely your fault since you don’t sleep well at night (yawn, what’s new) and your dad and I are just too tired to set up the camera and all.

Okay, okay, we were lazy. Plus, there was that whole Chinese New Year madness to deal with.

In less than two weeks, you turn one. And as I scroll through the photos and videos that I have taken of you over the past 11 months, I cannot help but marvel at just how much you have grown and how far you have come.

Look at you now: you are able to prop yourself up and stand on your two little feet. Your favourite activity is to crawl to the fan and press the buttons. You look up and point at the ceiling light when we ask you where it is. You smile and reach out for me every single evening when I pick you up. You do all sorts of adorable things – you clap enthusiastically, complete with “oh oh oh” sounds; you love to smack your open mouth while making “ah” noises; you babble to yourself in the car seat in a language that only fellow babies and, possibly, aliens understand.

Just this evening, you grabbed a flash card from your dad and in a moment of brilliance, he said to you, “Kiss?” With much aplomb, you brought the card to your lips and gave it a resoundingly loud kiss. And to prove that it isn’t a fluke, you did it over and over again.

Oh, just how much you have grown! From that frowning, orange, floppy little baby to this joyful, lovable, willful and observant little person. And to be able to witness this process is such a priceless privilege.

Not a day goes by without me marveling at the miracle that is you. You made me a mother and for that, I will always be grateful.

You are turning ONE. How unreal is that? Even as you move into toddlerhood (and headlong into a whole host of other parenting challenges), don’t worry, you will always be mama’s baby.

(Until you turn into a stinky, sulky teenager anyway. Then you are all your father’s.)

Love you always,

4 thoughts on “11 months of Aidan”

  1. Hi, passerby here who got into ur blog when googling on bb stuff last time.
    I’m a newbie mum who’s returning to work & leaving my 3mth bb under mil’s care. Since mil is taking care of bb full time & we stay w her, I wonder if bb will only recognize her as mother instead? If so, I will be greatly saddened! :(. Do u face such problem with ur mil/mother who is taking care of ur boy? Also, how do u ensure that ur infant only recognize u as mummy & love u the most? Just asking for tips here…haha


  2. Hi, Happy One-derful Birthday to Aidan! Just curious, where do you buy such white plain romper for your baby, from Motherhood? Another question, how do you wash his hair as he grows older, pour water over or still using the newborn method? My son is also around Aidan’s age, he has alot of hair too and grows super fast, need to visit the barber every 2 months, and I have issues washing his hair, especially when he is as mischevious as a monkey! Thanks 🙂


  3. Hi Genie, we definitely didn’t face such problems. A is still closest to me and is always so happy to see me when I pick him up. No tips here, it’s natural. They WILL remember who their mama is.

    Hi Claire, the white onesies were hand me downs! We hardly bought any of these. Hmm, I usually pour water over his head. We started doing that when he was about six months old? Otherwise, I’d wet a washcloth and scrub his scalp/hair with it. Hope that helps!


  4. I feel you on the night feeds… At least you had a period where he slept thru the night. My girl is almost 11 months and has never slept through the night (which means i have never had uninterrupted sleep since she was born!) it’s just easier to put her to the boob when she’s fussing at night & I think we have fallen into a habit :/

    When do you intend to nurse A till?


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