Saturdays. Our favourite day of the week.

We get to spend the entire day with the little man. We do the things we love: going out for brunch, checking out new cafes, working up a sweat by walking, enjoying our home. And we do it all with him.

Yesterday, we spent a rainy afternoon indoors at homebodies, the latest venture from the people behind my favourite Smitten. As I drained the last of my flat white, I looked at the empty cup and said to husband, “It’s always tragic – TRAGIC – when I finish my coffee.” Complete with dramatic hand gestures for emphasis. What! I love my caffeine.

I really like the sunlight that pours in through the large windows (well, as much sunlight as the poor, drenched sun could muster), the large wooden tables and the cosy atmosphere. Wistfully, I thought of how I could sit there for an entire afternoon, working on my laptop and taking little breaks with Lula or Frankie.

Maybe one day.

Our late lunch comprised of a kurobuta hot dog for me and a wagyu hot dog for him. Both were good.

60A Boat Quay

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