The organised chaos

Knock, knock

Anybody home?

Well, I wasn’t! The family – and by that, I mean my mom and sister and her family – took a trip down to Perth for a holiday over the Easter weekend. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. Family trips can be tricky and this being our first since we were kids meant we had to accommodate one another’s quirks and needs.

Oh Perth! It had the loveliest sky and softest beaches. And the most magnificent sunsets. I am in love and in awe.

But more on that later. I’m currently attending an external course on Adobe Illustrator and I am psyched. Beyond excited. Yes, I married a geek and turned into one too. Anyway, this would help me tremendously in my new project, which is…I AM HAVING A BABY!

No, not a real life, smiling poopy human baby. I’m hoping to birth a new blog soon and this is where all the web and digital skills that I am picking up now will come in handy. Watch this space, will reveal all in due time. Hopefully sooner than later.

So, I’ll be back soon, with all the photos that I had shot in Perth and all the lovely places that I had visited. Oh, and the celebration of Mr Thick’s 25th birthday (in his words, obviously, not mine). In the meantime, you can find me cyber-posing (am Fabulously Gorgeous after all) at Notabilia‘s, where I talk about our favourite cafes.

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