Hello Perth

Ah, Perth!

It was just a month ago that we were there and yet it feels like a lifetime. Yup, that’s what parenthood does to you.

(Sidenote: every time I forget something or have to stifle a yawn in class, I tell my students that I am exceedingly tired and that if they value their sleep, they should AVOID having children at all costs. Am I not a terrible educator? DO NOT BLAME THE FALLING BIRTH RATES ON ME.)

Anyway, we had quite a quiet time in Perth. Being there with family meant that we could not afford to be overly ambitious with our itinerary, given that we had to take into account the comfort level of the other members. If it had been just the three of us, I am pretty sure we would have explored more places.

But it was just as well, taking it slow and easy. Oh, tip: don’t go over to Perth during the Easter break. It’s ridiculously quiet. All the shops are closed and as one radio DJ said, Easter is the dullest period of the year. Hah, no shit. Lesson learnt.

What I loved about Perth: the wide, open spaces; brilliantly blue skies; laid-back pace; the breathtaking sunsets; and THE COFFEE. How can I forget about the coffee? We didn’t go cafe hunting this time around but the two or three cups that I had were excellent. And they weren’t even recommended by Foursquare!

Writing about this brings up the wanderlust itch all over again. There is just something about being on the plane that makes me feel happy. Never mind that I may only be flying to KL, the notion of going somewhere brings me so much joy. I guess I just wasn’t made to stay in one place for very long – I’m like the sea snail with an itchy foot (is it any surprise that it’s one of my favourite books to read to A?).

Some snapshots:

If you need more ideas on where to visit while in Perth, drop me a note and I’ll try my best to help!

4 thoughts on “Hello Perth”

  1. Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for some time, just wondering if you’d pick Perth or Sydney as a travel destination when travelling with a 7 mth old baby? 🙂


  2. Hi there! Definitely Sydney. I loved the city. 🙂 Perth was a bit slower and much better for toddlers and little children than babies. I was able to strap Aidan into the carrier and go just about anywhere. And he was fascinated by the aquarium too. Hope that helps!


  3. Hi, do you mind sharing some places to go with an almost 2 year old and where to stay? I’m wondering if we should stay in the city or Freo or move every other night which will make packing/unpacking a big hassle! I couldn’t find your email so sorry to drop a comment here! Thanks!


  4. Hi Sue,

    We stayed about a week in Perth and were staying at Broadwater apartments in Como. No complaints, the apartments were comfortable and easily accessible. We didn’t move because we had a rather large entourage so it depends on your comfort level.

    When we were there, we visited the Caversham Wildlife Park, Swan Valley, Freo, King’s Park and Cottesloe. Outlet shopping was done at Harbour Town.

    Hope that helps!


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