Two of Us

The life of us now

The night is quiet.

The little man has been put to bed and should, we hope, stay asleep for a while. Other than the low hum of the air-conditioner and the aroma diffuser, the household has settled into a peaceful, gentle lull.

We sit on the bed, legs stretched out, each preoccupied. Him on his iPad, surfing for cycling accessories and me on my laptop, blogging. We say nothing. A tray of drinks – sometimes polka-dotted champagne flutes containing our favourite moscato, sometimes glasses of juice – and snacks sit between us. A bunch of grapes, perhaps, and some chips. Or a sliver of chocolate. Or little bowls of homemade yogurt topped with honey, flax seeds and chia seeds. Every once in a while, we’d reach out and grab a bite, or sip our drinks.

This is a companionable silence.

He looks over at me, at what I am doing, and laughs. He says we are both geeks. I tell him that I only became one after I met him. And it’s funny how we rubbed off on each other. I know about cars and rugby now. He enjoys shopping.

How utterly boring we are. 🙂