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Pink Dot SG 2013

A long, long time ago, before we were even thinking of having kids, I asked Mr Thick how he would feel if our child told us that he or she was gay.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as he is a good person with the right values. He is still our child,” he said.


When Pink Dot rolled around last year, Aidan was a teeny tiny bubs. We chucked him into the baby carrier and then walked around Hong Lim Park, soaking in the atmosphere and promising to return the following year.

We made good on that promise.

This time, we donned our best pink outfits and went down to Hong Lim Park again. Aidan was wearing his cute pink super hero teeshirt, I had on my fierce pink top (hah, the oxymoron!) and Mr Thick put on his spiffy pink shirt. We were quite the family, I’d say.

The mood at the park was electrifying and I was so glad that we brought Aidan there. He had so much fun, running around, grabbing balloons and looking around him in wide-eyed wonder. He was alternately charming and scaring the people there, and it was hilarious seeing grown men squealing in delight/horror at the sight of a toddler on the loose. (The women were all “AWW HE’S SO CUTE!”, it was the men who were polarised in their reactions, haha!)

It was important for us to support the cause. We want our child to grow up knowing that he has options and that he will be supported and loved by us, no matter whom he loves. We want him to grow up in a society that is inclusive.

Thankfully, 21,000 others shared our views. It may seem like a small number but progress has to start from somewhere.

I remain hopeful.

4 thoughts on “Pink Dot SG 2013”

  1. Warms my heart to read this and also that you broached this subject. I read this interview once somewhere and it has stuck with me ever since – something along the lines of anyone who decides to have a child must be ready to accept their child to be gay or straight. Can’t have the “no this happens to other people’s children, not mine” mentality.

    You guys are wonderful folks!


  2. Love this post. Love how supportive you guys are. Helps that everyone looks so pretty in pink *teeheehee

    Next year! I’ll try to join you ok?


  3. I asked the same question to my husb sometime this year, and he asked me back. I told him I will support my son, if that is truly what he wants. 🙂


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